New site

We’ve moved the blog from Blogger to WordPress and we’re continuing to work on it. Organizing my thoughts or capturing them has been difficult at best. That’s why I wrote on scraps of paper, later used a recorder. But with help, I now have a place to write that makes sense to my brain a little bit.

When I have scattered thoughts I can easily organize them with tags and categories. This really helps me. Although I might not publish most of what I write, at least now I have a place to get the fragments out. If you’re reading this and your brain got whacked hard too, take note. With a private blog (just for me) I can start to get thoughts out and it organizes them for me. If I want to see what I wrote about my brain or heart over the years for example, I just click on the tag. It’s a big help to me so far. If you’re having similar cognitive issues, consider setting up a private blog that only you can see. Maybe you’ll find it easier to get thoughts out too.

I realize a lot of what I write – this included – will likely only make sense to those of you who suffer similar issues. The rest will think this sounds crazy. But we have to fight back in any way we can. It’s the only way.

Please, take the time to wander the site and bear with us as we update or tweak things a little. Just because it’s set up so I understand the organization doesn’t mean it’s readable to others – which is the whole point of the blog! So suggestions are always welcome.

I need to rest. I’ve been having a much harder time lately. I hope to post again soon.

Your Brother in Fight,


One thought on “New site

  1. Yolanda Paulsen de Ayarza says:

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