Michael became severely disabled in 2008 by adverse reactions from taking one of the most widely prescribed and toxic antibiotics,  LEVAQUIN. Levaquin damaged his Autonomic Nervous System and caused Mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the body’s cells providing over 90% of the energy required by the body to sustain life. The lack of cellular energy due to Mitochondrial damage directly affects the functionality of many systems in his body; most noticeably his Brain, Heart, Eyes and Muscles. 

Michael proves everyday how much suffering a body can take, and yet his spirit makes him an unstoppable force of nature. 

He is an inspiration and the reason why on the 1000th day from the start of this poisoning we promised each other to reach out to others and tell our story. After years of doctors, emergency rooms, pills, and cross-country medical trips we are able to speak out of hindsight about a story of courage, hypocrisy, tenacity, and pain. A story that continues today.

As a way to overcome his mental impairments and capture any fleeting and productive thought, Michael started writing down whatever important but fragmented thoughts that came to him on scraps of paper and putting them in a box. Eventually, these scraps were sorted into categories and the pieces assembled like a giant puzzle. It is how he figured out everything from supplementation and symptom patterns to inspirational reflections of his journey. 

We share with you here these “scraps of paper.”

  • If you are on this same journey, know that you are not alone. Michael offers his hope and fight to help you make it one more day. 
  • If you are researching the subject of fluoroquinolone toxicity or mitochondrial disorders, refer to resources  for current news coverage and studies.
  • The FDA hearing on Fluoroquinolone safety took place on November 5th 2015. Michael’s testimony and media coverage can be found here: FDA Testimony. This was a landslide victory for all of humanity.
  • If you are looking for a way to help us with our daily struggle to afford supplements and medical care- most of which is not covered by health insurance – click here.

This is a story I hope our son reads when he is older and is finally able to understand why daddy couldn’t play or be with him all those times. But that when he did, it lifted his soul so much he fought even harder and loved even deeper.

Please read, educate yourself, protect your family from these toxic drugs, share our story, and please help in any way you can.

Being left alone to fight the system and fight something that devastates so completely would have forced even the strongest among us to give up. But…

                         Then Came Michael

                                                                                    – Nicole

Click on the picture below for media coverage and Michael’s testimony at the FDA Headquarters on November 5th, 2015.

Michael Kaferly FDA Testimony

Michael Kaferly unleashes 2,585 days and nights of torture in front of two FDA panels, teams of Pharmaceutical Industry Execs, Doctors and Scientists in Silver Spring MD on November 5th 2015. Media was on hand to cover this historic event and it was webcast live for millions around the globe.