How You Can Help

Most of the treatments for mitochondrial dysfunction are not covered by insurance. After 6.5 years of battling this ourselves and after 3 years of battling with MetLife to restore benefits, our family struggles to even pay for basic living expenses and utilities. We are unable to afford treatments, supplementation, medical care/co-pays, medical supplies, quality food for proper nutrition, etc.

Michael needs help to fight back. Here are some ways that perhaps you can help:

Professional services: Anyone willing to donate services in the Boulder area would be a tremendous help.

Massage – significant help in pain, mobility and circulation

Acupuncture – significant help in pain, mobility and circulation


A fundraiser has been set up to help us begin to meet some of Michael’s medical and daily needs. Our family is deeply grateful for any help in giving Michael the chance to fight back. Please, visit the link below.




Proper supplementation is crucial in the treatment of mitochondrial patients. Below is Michael’s Amazon Wish List containing some of the needed items.

Wish List