Glutathione IV – by yourself

If you haven’t already, please see My Glutathione Journey and Glutathione and Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.  These will likely answer most questions you might have.

Note:  Although Glutathione has many benefits and functions, my intent is to address Glutathione’s role in Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. That said, if you’re here to learn about administering Glutathione yourself for any reason – welcome!


Injecting Glutathione by yourself… A tutorial

As a conservative estimate, I’ve I have administered my own Glutathione IV’s  350-400 times over the last 4.5 years. I am intimately familiar with Glutathione and it’s direct effect on the body. Besides making me feel like I’m fighting back, it’s given me the opportunity to notice /substantiate cause and effect under a variety of baseline levels. On good days and bad days.  Please, if I’ve left something out or if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

I’m not suggesting you must do this yourself. But if I can do it, you can too. You’re infinitely stronger than you think you are.


3000 IU is my standard dose. I’ve found that frequency beats dosage. In my experience,  3000 IU every day beats 6000 IU every-other day. Hands-down. 

I have regularly injected 6000 IU and even 9000 IU on several occasions. 9000 IU had no benefit for me beyond what 6000 IU had given me. 6000 IU should be the upper limit, and would likely provide little if any benefit over 3000 IU for your purposes.

There are no reported ill-effects from excessive doses and there is no upper-limit established for dosage of Glutathione. The body can only have so much Free-GSH at any given time, your liver will process out the excess without issue.

*Important: My routine has been tailored to my specific needs. I am a very severe case and my needs are likely (and hopefully) different than yours. Your Doctor will be able to address frequency, but my suggestion is 3000 IU, 3 times per week to start and adjust as necessary.


Click on the pictures for full-size 

Glutathione Supplies NumberedGlutathione Supplies_ Heating Pad

Glutathione Supplies_Vice and Towel

  1. Soft Medical Paper Tape
  2. 30ml Syringe
  3. 10ml Saline (to dilute the Glutathione)
  4. 15ml (3000 IU) Glutathione – From Wellness Pharmacy
  5. Log to keep track of dosage and administration
  6. 18 gauge needle – used to fill syringe during prep
  7. 25 gauge Winged Infusion Set – this is what goes into the vein
  8. Quick Release Tourniquet – I found this about 2 years ago. Huge help in doing this alone.
  9. 2” x 2” Sterile Gauze Pad – Don’t cheap out, get a good brand. There’s a difference.
  10. Alcohol Swab – Get good ones, I prefer BD brand. You’ll thank me.
  11. Moist Heat Heating Pad – to make you more vascular, again you’ll thank me.
  12. Dremel Desktop Vice – used to hold the fill-end of the Winged Infusion set (as shown)
  13. Folded (clean) towel – to rest your arm and to grab onto in order to help anchor the vein and make needle insertion easier.
  14. A whole heaping helping of F-it (not shown)…


How to prepare your Glutathione. Special care is needed to protect it from heat and light, and if you’ve never prepared an IV before you should find this helpful.


Giving yourself the IV:

Naturally it is easier if you have a loved one near by to help on a few of the steps here. I didn’t always have that luxury, so here I show you how I’ve learned to give myself the IV’s alone, without help.




Older videos:

I’ve made several attempts over the years to bring good videos on this subject. But the ones I made were far too long and not quite as to-the-point as I’d like. I have cognitive issues after Levaquin as well, and this is a struggle for me to do.  I think the new videos are much better (having cue cards helped a lot). But here are the old ones in case you find some value in them…

When I first attempted this alone for the first time (summer 2010), I made some videos that I wanted to share. I had never done it before alone so a lot of time was spent on trying to figure it out. Here they are:


Here is the last one I made. You can see my condition has worsened since the first videos. This one is long too, and although I think I gave good information, I ramble and I’m not sure this was as helpful as I’d hoped. Anyway, here’s the last one I made.

24 thoughts on “Glutathione IV – by yourself

    • ThenCameMichael says:

      There’s no luck in it for me, this drug will finish killing me soon unless I can get treatments again and get help. Fight Palua. I promise you I understand hopelessness. But you must fight, you cannot give in. I am 7.5 years out now and I have fought so hard for small wins. I can stand, walk a bit and talk some now. I can even have good days if I choose to see them as good. But I am still housebound and getting weaker, still trying to recover from my first amputation. My point is this: If I give up I die. It will be a very painful end. Death would be a gift to me, but it is a gift I still do not want to accept. The only thing I have left now is my inner fight. Don’t you dare lose your inner fight Palua. After that, there is nothing. /M


    • Jill says:

      Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate your blog and videos.

      Could you please tell me where to find the glutathione that you use? I checked ‘Wellness Pharmacy’ (there are several online), to no avail.

      I am happy to inject or use an IV.



  1. CJ says:

    Where do you purchase your glutathione? I don’t see it on the Wellness Pharmacy site, but the name is generic, so maybe it’s the wrong site.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I stumbled on to it looking for something to help after a disfiguring parasitic infection. I had no idea that antibiotics could do such things. Wishing you the best of health. God bless!

    Liked by 2 people

    • ThenCameMichael says:

      Thank you for the kind words. Glutathione is compounded to order and won’t likely be found listed. If I recall correctly I think most of the listed items on their site are pre-mixed for other things. You will need a prescription sent to them first, but they compound to order. They’ve been great to work with. Hope this is helpful,


  2. Ginger says:

    Very inspiring, you’re awesome taking control of your health like that. A lot of people should learn from it.
    Quick question, if I get glutathione in grams instead of units, any idea how much should I use? It says 1 gram of glutathione per 5 ml.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ThenCameMichael says:

      Thank you very much for the kind words. Your Doctor will tell you what the correct dosage is for your needs. But for me, my standard dose is 3g, or 3000 IU which equals 15ml (then diluted with 10ml normal saline). I have done both 6g and 9g before. I found no benefit in anything over 6g. Frequency beats dosage so for me, 3g daily beats 6g every other day hands down. Hope this helps.


  3. John says:

    I admire people like you, i too was floxed five years ago and semi recovered about 70%, and this year i got herpes so i am now on a new challenge. I have an ozone machine which i use for rectal insuflation, it helps keep the virus in check but i am now studying DIV because i want to completley eliminate it from my body, DIV ozone has been used by doctors to cure herpes.

    I will be studying your videos, and again i send you my deepest admiration for your courage and compassion in sharing your knowledge with us.

    The world needs more people like you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ThenCameMichael says:

      Thank you for the kind words John. My baseline is fragile and getting sick, even just a common cold, will absolutely devastate me causing my baseline (energy and symptom) to plummet which means I am a lot worse for months. I can only imagine the frustration you feel by having a lingering issue like that and if you’re like me it may be making you worse as well. My life was hijacked, yes. But I refuse to let this monster steal any more from me or my family. This means I fight harder than I ever thought I could and am genuinely grateful for every moment I get on this earth – no matter how much pain or difficulties I may have – and I have learned to appreciate the smallest of wins. If I only had one wish for you it’s that you find at least some joy despite all this misery. Find something, anything, in your world where the power of your love beats the power of your pain. If not, you’ve already lost the fight. You cannot and will not let this monster win.

      Much love.

      Your Brother in Fight,


    • ThenCameMichael says:

      Thank you for your kindness. My only purpose is to show that if I can fight back, you can too. There’s nothing special about me, my love is simply stronger than my fear. Fight back and don’t let this monster steal another second or make you live in fear.


  4. Asad says:

    I have poured the glutathine in syringe but no one is here to give me that injection. I cannot dare to prick myself. So my question is how long it will not spoil ? As one injection costs alot.After how many hours i can use it as its night right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ThenCameMichael says:

      This is a question I’ve asked the compounding pharmacist several times over the years. The answer I continue to get is that once mixed in the syringe and assuming it’s kept refrigerated in complete darkness, glutathione will last up to 8 hours before it begins to degrade. Glutathione needs to be kept cold and is super light-sensitive. In a million years I would have never believed I would willingly give myself over 650 (last count) IV’s and hundreds of injections. If properly motivated, you are infinitely stronger than you think you are. Don’t want to stick yourself? That I get. Completely. But know that you truly can do anything – even things that terrify you. Needles used to completely freak me out, but missing another moment of my sons life freaks me out more. Love and strength, Michael

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Dave says:

    Thanks for your videos. I will save my long story but I will say I have CFS and was prescribed cipro/levaquin which made things worse.
    I have found a few therapies useful. IV nutrients and glutatione being one of them.
    Sorry if this is kind of direct, but how did you get your doctor to prescribe it and what is the dilution/strength of the gluatathione? Does he need to call it in or can they just write a script that I can send in?
    I am pretty sure I can get the supplies but need to know what to ask for. I have done countless glut pushes but I cannot obtain them where I am currently at.
    I have a CFS doctor that ironically prescribed the damn cipro that I think will do it if I convince him.
    Again I apologize if these questions are too much but I have found gluathione to be one of the few things that make me feel well.


    • ThenCameMichael says:

      Dave, I’m glad you found this page but I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering too. I will have to re-read what I wrote, I think I included strength info. If not I’ll have to go back and add that later. My base dose is 3g diluted with 10ml saline. For every 3g you will use 10ml saline. So when I do 6g of glutathione I’m diluting with 20ml in a 60ml syringe. Needs to be done 6-8 minutes for 3g and 8-12 for 6g. Your Doctor can just fax it to the pharmacy and the glutathione/supplies are sent in a styrofoam lined cold box. Couldn’t be easier. Source matters a lot. I’ve tried glutathione from other pharmacies and at best it isn’t as impactful, at worst I’ve urinated blood following the IV. Wellness Pharmacy holds the patent on creating 100% reduced l-glutathione and is far and away the best compound I’ve administered.

      Glutathione saved my life. Period. And like you, it is one of the very few things that make me feel better. Not even close to well, but better none-the-less. You may be interested to know that I’m starting to get good results with Saline drips too. I’ve done them off/on for years when I could get supplies, but never much more than 500ml. A few months ago I begun 1L per day and I’ve just doubled it from 1L per day to 2L. Quite a difference it makes for a few hours. Saline helps a lot with dysautonomia symptoms/orthostatic issues as well as provides some add’l mental clarity and energy. Small win, but a win for sure. Nothing makes me well, but like you I’ve found a few things that help me to fight back at least. If you have dysautonomia and/or orthostatic issues you may be hypovolemic like I am (I’m literally 1-2 quarts low on blood volume) and correcting this helps somewhat as well. Hope this is helpful.

      Your Brother in Fight,


      • Toni says:

        hello Michael. You are great. I´m very desperated. I have to taste gluthathione to see if it helps. My life is a hell. Does the gluthathione help you against the muscle pain, the stiffness?


      • ThenCameMichael says:

        Thank you, yes the glutathione does help a little with muscle pain and stiffness. It also makes my muscles more resilient against tearing and keeps them from getting as painful. That’s not it’s main function though. In the last few weeks I’ve started two things that have been very helpful in muscle stiffness/tightness/pain/etc and some help with weakness as well. I recently began doing 2 liters of saline (by IV) per day. Saline helps a lot with orthostatic issues and some other dysautonomia symptoms. About a week ago I began taking 20 grams of L-Arginine per day divided into 4 doses. This has made a really big difference all over my body with tightness and pain. I was surprised how much that helped also. I hope to make a post about these two things soon as it is very helpful so far. I hope this is helpful


  6. Kate Gomez says:

    Hello Michael –

    I hope you are in the pink of health and mood. I chance upon this site hoping to find something that would help me self-administer Gluta IV.
    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the signs shows too early than the usual middle aged women of around 40-60, I am only 33. I’ve done a lot of research about it and since this is an autoimmune desease of which runs on my moms side, suggestions of gluta IV says it will greatly help with muscle pains and stiffness since Gluta provides more of anti oxidants, more so I don’t want my fingers to be distorted at an early age as how I see my moms fingers right now.
    So here I’ve got 1 box with 10 bottles of 500mg Gluta + 10 bottles of vitamin C. When it was first administered to me, I get a relief from finger stiffness since I got this in February. I’m about to have my 4th injection I was thinking of doing it on my own, as for the first 3, I had my previous agent who’ s a registered nurse to administer it with “pay per injection” and it becomes too costly for me as I also had to treat the person to eat out or have a drink which is more expensive than the injection fee itself. I am too scared to prick myself even if I have the same package as you do, I was thinking it will be easier to inject it to the veins in my foot as those are visible and I get to have both hands working on it. I’M NOT SURE IF IT’S OK TO INJECT IT IN MY VEINS FOOT RATHER THAN MY HANDS OR ARMS? FELT THE LAST 2 WILL BE TOO HARD FOR ME TO DO ALONE.
    Also, I also had a saline bottle, I’m just wondering why we didn’t use/dilute it together with Gluta? I only get to see just the vitamin C or maybe I just dont notice it.

    I’m happy to see, despite many years of health battles – that you are still fighting for your life. I’ll have you in my prayers. Thanks for being an inspiration!



    • ThenCameMichael says:


      Thank you for the kind words. First, you CANNOT inject below the waist. Any vein in the upper body will do, but no, you cannot use the veins in the feet to inject. Second, glutathione must remain virginal (as my neuro used to say). That means it cannot be combined with anything other than saline – and if doing a second inj like vitamin C, you must wait at least 30 mins. Glutathione completes most of it’s cellular uptake after 10 mins or so, but 30 mins before another injection is advised. As for dilution, dilute the glutathione with 10ml normal saline. I strongly suggest calling Wellness Pharmacy in AL to source your glutathione from. I’ve had a lot of experience with other pharmacies, none good. Wellness holds the patent on creating 100% reduced L-glutathione and for me the difference was night/day once I switched to Wellness. **Note: I have zero interest in any product or company. I don’t even get any type of discount for continually suggesting Wellness. Just passing along some very hard-earned wisdom and extensive personal experience. **

      You absolutely can do this. For me it was such a dramatic difference immediately after injection that being scared was minuscule side-note compared to what I face everyday and it makes it possible to have at least some interaction with my son. No decision to be made really, I had to face it. And since I couldn’t afford to have it done for me and my physical/cognitive limitations, there was no other real choice for me. But I’m convinced that glutathione saved my life. Full stop.

      You’re infinitely stronger than you realize.

      Your Brother in Fight,


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