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If I’ve touched your life, helped effect positive change or if today you can now say you will make it one more day – please, let us know. It helps fuel our fire to fight back even harder to know my message has reached those who need it most.

I love you all.

Your Brother in Fight,



12 thoughts on “Sign My Guest Book

  1. Jennifer Weinstein says:

    I have known Michael since we were about ten-years-old. Michael and I spent summer weekends together for years before I moved across the country. Then we wrote incessantly to each other. For years, we stayed in touch. The last time I saw my Michael before he was poisoned, he was about 22 years old. He was larger than life. Handsome, muscular, brilliant as ever. Michael had always been the kid who could figure out anything. As a man, he had started his own business. He had taught himself things about computer systems that are completely alien to me. In short, he had gone from a smart-aleck, cute, little boy to a brilliant, self-made man.

    I lost touch with my Michael in college. While I tried finding him over the years, it wasn’t until around 2008 or so that I located him again. I found a phone number for him and called. I was so excited to hear his voice. And he sounded excited, too. He was going into a meeting, he said, and would call me back. That was the last I heard from him. Apparently, I had called right around the time the destruction started. He knew who I was while we were on the phone, but once he hung up, I was gone.

    In 2013, my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. There was one person in the world I wanted to talk to, and that was my Michael. Thanks to social media, I was able to track down a Facebook page for him. I sent him a message to call me, leaving my cell phone number. He replied that he was unable to speak on the phone. WHAT? I didn’t understand. Then we started texting. In short bursts, he was able to explain what had happened to him. My heart broke. My strong, independent, robust Michael had withered into a weak, tired, shell of his former self. I had to see him.

    I flew out to visit my Michael and his beautiful family for Thanksgiving. He had warned me through our textersations that he didn’t look the same, but there was no preparation for what I saw. He had the same cocky smile and twinkling eyes, the same smart aleck responses to my stupid questions, but he wasn’t HIM. He was thin. Far too thin. And he looked so tired. I could see the stress on his face when I got in the car. He had rested for weeks in preparation for my visit. An act I am eternally grateful for. But he still looked tired.

    I spent four days with my Michael and his family. I watched how much loved his son and Nikki. I saw how hard he tried to be strong for his family. We talked. A LOT. He told me about everything that he had been through. He told me things he didn’t share with his family; couldn’t share with them. He didn’t want to scare them or cause additional stress to Nikki. He didn’t want his son to be scared. I watched my Michael put on layers of clothing to simply go out into the garage where it was dark and quiet. I watched him give himself IVs to try to alleviate some of his pain and tremors. But I could see the pain. I could see the tremors. I could see how quickly he tired.

    I am forever grateful that my Michael tried so hard to make my time with him memorable. We went for drives, even though it wore him out. We would only go out for a short time, but when we returned, he was completely spent. He would try to relax, but his body would not allow him to stay in any one position for long. He would move from sitting to standing to pacing to lying down. I could see the pain and fatigue on his face and hear it in his voice.

    I visited again during my spring break. This time, Michael was unable to pick me up from the airport. His body was so stressed, and he was so exhausted that we spent the entire week at home, watching movies and talking. It had only been five months since the last time I had seen him, but it seemed that he had lost more weight and was even more exhausted than the last time. I looked at lab reports. They stated, in layman’s terms, that his body was incapable of replicating healthy DNA and that his cells were dying off at a much faster rate than they were regenerating. He was dissolving from the inside out.

    During this last visit, my Michael was better about letting me see his stress, exhaustion, and pain. He stopped trying to hide it from me. He stopped trying to push through it. He let down some of his guard. But he is a man who will not give in. He is a man who will continue to fight until his last, dying breath. He is strong and he is determined. His fight and positive spirit have affected me in ways that I can’t explain. He has made me look at life differently. Because of my Michael, I am becoming a better wife, mother, and person. Because of my Michael, I know that whatever happens in my life, I can be strong. I love him for this and will be eternally grateful to him for letting me share in his fight.


    • Janet Murray-Murray says:

      I have known Michael for a couple of years through facebook and our flox community. Like Michael I am in complete destruction from over 1000 of these monstrous drugs and have severe nerve damage over entire body plus all the other gifts this beast gives us.. I have talked to Michael on the computer, or will write him when I am at the days of wanting to end it as Iam just too tortured. Like Michael, My ed is my WHY as he puts it. It is the reason I still cannot leave. I would in a heartbeat if not for my ed.. Michael is my hero, his reasons for fighting are the same as mine- LOVE- it is all that is holding me. I like Michael am a shell of torture, I think many days as I cry and pace as I cannot rest or relax. Michael is hanging on, so I will hang on one more day.

      He has such love and compassion for us all even during his own fight of hell. He is younger by far and was in better health prior but he was severely damaged . His ability to write and express his emotions are outstanding and a gift to us all. I wish I had known Michael in person but I feel I do through our suffering. He has enormous will and fight, most cannot realize the severe horrific damage this can do to us, it is not pain, it is sheer electrocution and layers of pain and damaged cns. To even push through one day takes such will and Michael pushes hard for love… Michael deserves all the emotional, physical and financial help a a fellow man can give him. We are one in love, this was not a natural illness, this was poison following drs advice. I love you Michael, you are my hero.
      You sister in fight- Janet


  2. Sherry Reiver says:

    I had to start Googling the internet again in March of 2013 for Fluoroquinolone poisoning. You see, I was “floxed in the 90’s and found at that time a Yahoo Forum for this. I had been fairly sick with all these weird health issues popping up. I was 46 at the time I connected the dots but was 44 when I took my first Fluoroquinolone drug. I got off the forum as it saddened me to see so many people getting sick and nothing was able to be done. Then on March 7, 2013, unbeknownst to me during a surgery, the surgeon “floxed” me again and I was 62 this time. Although I never stopped preaching about how dangerous these drugs were, I was off the forum. Now I had to go back on and it sickened me more to find younger people than at first, much sicker as the emergence of newer FQs came out or were used in a more cavalier way. I joined many Facebook groups and that is how I first met Michael.

    Michael’s story moved me more than any other. He has tried so hard to find an “antidote” for the poison he took.

    I went to Washington, DC in May of 2014 to rally against the use of these drugs and Michael and his mother were there along with 50 others in the same boat, although Michael’s boat seemed to be sinking a little faster than the rest of us.

    I finally met Michael in person! A kind man. A gentle man. Nobody should have to go through what he has been through. He has his own child, a beautiful son yet he was like a child himself. You can see light in his eyes, yet darkness as well. He was brave enough to show anyone who wanted to watch, give himself these injections that are supposed to help him. As a parent myself, I couldn’t bear to see what Michael had to do to try to make himself better if it did at all. Michael was in a wheelchair as well and very weak, but not weak enough to miss the chance to make a joke or make others smile.

    When we were about to leave the hotel to meet the Senators, his mother showed me a photo of Michael. A before and after. I just could not believe my eyes and told his mother to please give me copies as I wanted to show the Senators what happens to many people. Michael was fading away. They gasped when I showed them this picture. Living proof. No stories. As the old saying goes, a “picture is worth a thousand words.”

    I walk around with that picture that you see above. I cover up the right side first and they see a healthy, happy man. I then uncover the right side and gasp too. I show all my doctors. I show my family and friends who question me when I warn them about these drugs.

    Michael is my hero and he deserves to have a life without pain and a life where he can afford to take care of his family. The FDA turns a blind eye to this major problem and they should pay for allowing this class of drugs for ruining people’s lives.

    Thank you,
    Sherry Reiver


    • Nancy Peden says:

      sherry, i have mthfr which has steadily worsened recently. i have just started wearing a medic alert bracelet that i hope will protect me in the future. yes, michael is now my hero, too.

      so wish i could try the glutathione iv….but i am not sick enough to have the courage…


  3. Virginia Dare Kaplan says:

    Where do I start? I will start by saying I have known Michael for almost 6 years, as he was damaged around the same time as I was. Michael’s determination to overcome Fluoroquinolone Toxicity is solid, powerful, and never without taking time to inspire other victims. He is a true Hero in our World. I met Michael in person, last May in DC, at our Fluoroquinolone Toxicity conference. Michael was the perfect picture of very ill health…….yet being in the same room with Michael, gave me the sense that we all will make it through this horrific situation……..if Michael, can travel to DC from Colorado, in his condition, and continue to inspire, with his so addicting personality, it sure gives me hope, for the rest of us. I continue to pray for Michael and his lovely family, he is our HERO!
    Thank you Michael, for being so strong!

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  4. Vickie says:

    I have a favorite quote : “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in a drop.” Rumi
    I think that quote pretty much sums up your character, Michael. If all of us damaged people were on life rafts in the ocean and you would swim to get to us. You are the most determined and courageous person I know. Your fight and honesty is what inspires others to keep on going. I am so happy I met you in DC and the thing I noticed most about you is that you were consciously making a choice to fight the fight and never give up. You have come a long way. I was listening to you tell me the struggles you had faced and how your son was inspiring you to push yourself. What you don’t realize is you are an incredible role model for your son.

    I know you pushed yourself in DC and paid a price, but that is what you do – never give up even when you want to. It is clear to me your story needs to be told and I know you will do it in a way that will make people stop and think. Michael Kaferly, you are an extraordinary man. Anyone that would take the time to talk to you couldn’t help but be inspired, you are a champion, my friend and I can’t wait to see you make your mark. Thank you for being who you are.

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  5. Jane Crosby says:

    I finally met Michael in person at the DC Rally. I was struck by the kindest eyes. I was also struck by his broken body. I remember thinking how difficult it must be to travel in his condition and noticed that he had to have help. I became acutely aware of just how decimated a person can become from taking even one pill of a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. It was a heavy moment. I look up to this man as a true warrior and a purveyor of medical truth. This man deserves all the good life has to offer. He truly does.

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  6. grnmci says:

    Michael’s story is brutal in many respects. What happened to him should not happen to any human being. His suffering cannot be measured in conventional terms. Because for this man made suffering there are no conventional measurements. Certainly there is nothing in nature that would make suffering so complete mentally and physically. Nature is not that cruel. To suffer at the level Michael has for six years is cruel beyond belief. Most would have cracked a long time ago. I for one am not sure I could have suffered so much for so long. But he is still there. Still fighting. Still being the best husband and father he can be. That takes fortitude in excess, courage in spades, self discipline in large multiples. It takes spirit.

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  7. Nancy Peden says:

    michael, so touched to find your site. i have mthfr 677 and have gotten weaker of late. i was floxed a few years ago…

    i so want to try glutathione iv but am scared and the transdermal one by dan purser is over 100 dollars a bottle. thank you so much for you graphic sharing of the process.

    my disease has also ruined me financially. may grace be present for us all in this fight for health.


  8. Erin Miller says:

    Michael, I am sending you love and encouragement. I just reached my 6 year mark, and I… am losing any shred of hope I had left. Yet in my darkest hours, I read some of your words. You are a beacon and a blessing.


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