Supplement and Injection Routine

Supplement and Injection routine

This is my base routine when I was able to afford it. This provided me with results I would consider to be significant. You will see I’ve assembled my own Mito-Cocktail which for me was very effective. This is not a complete treatment routine by any means, but this is the base that had given me notable improvements. Each supplement listed serves a very specific function. Not listed is WATER – be sure to drink as close to 1 gallon per day as is possible.

* Note: I’m very specific on the brands I chose. I am only interested in pharmaceutical grade supplements. My body cannot afford any mistakes or impurities, my baseline is too fragile. Not many supplements on the market actually contain what they say they do.

Mito Cocktail
What Dosage Brand
Alpha Lipoic Acid Sustain  1200mg Jarrow Formulas
CoQ10 – QH-Absorb Sustain 800mg Jarrow Formulas
Acetyl L-Carnitine  1000mg Jarrow Formulas
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine [NAC]   2400mg Jarrow
L-Glutamine  1000mg Jarrow Formulas
PRO-DHA 2500mg Nordic Naturals
Vitamin E  (as D-Alpha Tocopheryl)  400mg NOW
Vitamin D3  10,000IU Jarrow Formulas
Vitamin B Complex B-Right 1 capsule Jarrow Formulas
Vitamin, Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes
Vitamin Code Raw for Men  Garden of Life
Ultimate Flora – 80 Billion Renew Life
Digest Gold Enzymedica
Injectables and IV
L-Glutathione  3000IU  5 x per week Wellness Pharmacy
NSS 500ML drip  3 x per week
This is a regular saline drip. Helps with the pain associated with Lactic Acid build up and hydration issues.
B-12 (Metyl)  3 x per week
DEEP IM ONLY! Inneffective for our purposes as a sub-cutanious injection
HCG 800IU 3 x per week

2 thoughts on “Supplement and Injection Routine

  1. Christina says:

    Hi Michael, thank you for sharing this. Not sure if this will be helpful but wanted to mention that I’ve stopped taking jarrow because their supplements almost all contain magnesium stearate. Supposedly that can cause leaky gut which is not helpful for anyone, let alone someone with flouroquilone toxicity. I was also a raw food Garden of life advocate for a long time until I took a probiotic blend and had a bad reaction. I read some horrifying things about them using corn to produce vitamin C (along with some other criticisms). I Stopped taking those products as well until I could find out more- I now have a box of supplements I am afraid to take. Apologies for the choppy typing I’m on my phone . Your stories are incredibly inspiring, I wish you all the best.


  2. Pamela Sweat says:

    Thank you Michael, for sharing your journey and your solution. I am in awe of your unconquerable spirit. Bravo. My prayers are with you.
    I found your site looking for demos on DIY IV Infusion of Vit C in particular as an alternative to chemo for breast cancer. I was diagnosed over a year ago. I refused chemo surgery etc.. I can no longer afford the IV Tx and must find a way to order the equipment and do my own treatments (Tx) You are in my thoughts in my heart and in my prayers. Be strong for your beautiful family. I am a long time student of astrology (35 yrs) if you have time or the energy to respond l would love to know details of your birth data, also where you order your medical supplies. I worked for a Dr for many yrs and still had problems getting all the supplies l need for my IV procedures. If you need to conserve energy l truly understand. Here’s hoping the Universe kindly grants all that we need to heal and thrive. Your new friend, Pamela Sweat


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