Gratitude and the Human Component

Several people have asked that I re-post this here for all to see. The world needs to be filled with more moments of humanity like this, just two humans coming together as strangers to live a moment of hope. 

I love you all.

Facebook 30 May 2014

Gratitude and the Human component:

Yesterday afternoon, an I lived an important moment. Since the time I spent bedridden, I had dreamt of the moment when I would be able to reach out to someone like me, one on one, and give them the gift of words, strength and gentle direction that I myself so desperately needed early on. I dreamt that one day, Id make a difference and touch someones life.

Yesterday, a very brave soul came to see me. She was scared and confused, just like I once was. She bravely sat with me while I gave myself an IV and we also went over my extensive supplement routine. She asked a lot of direct, quality questions and thankfully I was able to field those and provide direct answers.

She arrived a stranger at a strangers house. We spent a couple of hours together and she left as a friend. And although I can’t speak to how I’ve helped her, I can say a dream that I’ve held onto so dearly for many years finally came to be. I am grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge, some very hard lessons I’ve learned and some wisdom that I have most certainly earned.

This is the first of what I hope will be many opportunities to connect with another Human Being on a deeply truthful, meaningful and fundamental level. We came together yesterday and were able to just be Human. And I cannot be more thankful for the courage she showed and for her level-headed approach to hearing a complete stranger lay out some hard earned wisdom and technical knowledge.

I am weak and mentally exhausted. But I spent my energy wisely yesterday and it was absolutely worth it to me to feel like I’ve made a difference. And Id like to thank Lori​ for her courage, gentle demeanor despite substantial hardship, and for giving me an opportunity to make some of the suffering worthwhile.

I’m not wording this as well as I would like, and I’m not sure I have a clear point today. I’m really worn and slow today. I just wanted to share this moment in hopes you can take something away from this.

No matter how little you have, or how weak you are, never ever discount your ability to touch someones life. What if this world were filled with moments like we shared yesterday?


Michael Kaferly IV one on one

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