Symptoms list – Partial

Here is a partial list of symptoms.

* Updated 2/2015* Most are concurrent and all are daily.  The intensity of my symptoms ranges from significant to severe and becomes steadily more severe throughout the day as my energy stores drain. It never goes away, and my absolute best day is still an indescribable and unimaginable nightmare.

Peripheral Nervous System – Sensory and Motor: **Intensity mostly follows baseline

Electrical pain – can be intense

Tingling, prickling, pins&needles, numbness

Burning pain, in arms, legs, chest, face

Feelings of electrical zaps, shocks, deep stabs, in arms and legs

Buzzing in flesh all over the entire body, including face

Pressure or squeezing feelings in arms, chest, face and especially legs

Nerve pain in face, lips, gums

Muscle twitching of small pieces of a muscle independently

Muscle twitching of whole muscle body

Autonomic Nervous System – additional**Intensity mostly follows baseline

Lightheadedness – many times per day. Esp when standing

Change in sweating response, not enough when hot

Deregulation of the body’s involuntary functions [Dysautonomia]

Difficulty regulating body temperature – Get bone-chilling cold easily and cannot warm up, in the summer months I overheat fast resulting in fever.

Shallow and/or irregular breathing

Central Nervous System:  ** Also see Visual section**

LOST SENSE OF TASTE AND SMELL 30 July 2009 – Mostly returned – 70%

Feeling as if I’m living in a movie. Like I’m on ‘Auto-Pilot’ and unable to interact

Cognitive issues, BRAIN FOG – SEVERE (long-term memory, short-term memory, finding or spelling words, comprehending situations, following instructions, confusion, processing all visual input, slowed or impaired thinking, attention deficit, etc.)

Sleeping difficulty


Cardiovascular:   **Intensity mostly follows baseline

Squeaking, grinding sound when I inhale [Stridor] – Intermittent but occurs every day

Awareness of abnormal heart rhythm [Heart palpitations]

Micro-Vascular issues

Poor peripheral vascular circulation (cold and numb arms/legs/feet/hands)

Heart pain upon physical exertion, standing, speaking, singing. This pain goes away once I stop whatever it was I was doing and rest. ** Happens on low baseline days.

Heart rate, non-exercising, more than 100 beats per minute [Tachycardia] – * Improved 50%

Purple or red spots under skin esp. in limbs [Purpura, Petechiae, suggests Vasculitis]

Easy and/or excessively large bruising – Bruises on legs been there for 7+ months (as of 2/2015)

Wild variations in Blood Pressure – * Improved approx.70%, began to stabilize somewhat near year 5 and now happens on low baseline days only.

Vision: **Intensity mostly follows baseline

Eye focusing problems

Double vision [Diplopia]

Visual acuity decrease

Dry eyes

Light sensitivity – Can be severe

Floaters, flashes of sparkles, looks like stars in sky

Eyes Fatigue quickly, causing an increase in Double/Blurred vision

Eye Pain – Esp as eyes fatigue, they feel numb, swollen and puffy

Musculoskeletal: **Intensity mostly follows baseline

Brutal Fatigue and weaknessSEVERE** Batteries discharge too fast and don’t recharge correctly**

Tendon pain

Joint pain – Especially hips, knees, elbows and shoulders.

Popping/cracking joints – Hips/knees feel loose often

Muscle pain

Muscle weakness

Muscle wasting

Back pain


Poor wound healing; reopening cuts, small cuts can take 3-5 weeks to heal (* Improved 25%)

Very dry skin

Hair Loss – nearly all leg hair is gone


Difficulty swallowing [Dysphagia, Pharyngeal Laziness also suggested] ** My jaws and throat muscles get tired – gets to be severe on low baseline days**

Abdominal pain

Chronic diarrhea – lasted through the 3 years, **improved 60%

Constipation alternating randomly between bouts of diarrhea

Chronic nausea – All day every day, intensity varies (** Was told this is a result of CNS/Brain Injury **)

Undigested food in stool and/or floating stool

Persistent white-ish rash on tongue or in mouth [suggests oral Candidiasis]

Food sensitivities – Many

Ear Nose Throat:

Ringing in ears [Tinnitus]

Dizziness or vertigo and/or loss of sense of balance – *Esp worse lower baseline days

Hearing sensitivity to low noises increased – Soft noise is unusually loud at times

Hearing loss (difficult to hear over white-noise or low level noise)

Dry mouth

Taste perversions


Feeling cold consistently (also a result of Autonomic Nervous System damage)

Unexplained weight change


Excessive thirst and urination [Polydipsia and Polyuria]

Urgency – Inability to hold Urine despite very little coming out

Kidney pain [suggests Rhabdomyolysis or other renal pathology] ** Improved 90%, only noticeable on low baseline days

Urinating blood – [suggests Rhabdomyolysis or liver damage] ** Improved 100% as of 2010**


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – Cleaners, Solvents, etc etc

Food sensitivities – many

3 thoughts on “Symptoms list – Partial

  1. Carmer says:

    Hi Michael,

    I just realized from my symptoms that I too got floxed. I just watched your youtube video.. Im terrified that you got your toe amputated. How much time after you were taking Levquin did the amputation occur and why did you have to have it amputated. My right arm is numb on and off throughtout the whole day. Im so scared


    • ThenCameMichael says:

      Don’t be scared. Any reaction is terrible, but know that I am certainly on the severe side of the spectrum of reactions. Take it from me, it does you no good to worry about things that are not or may never happen. This does you no good and will only serve to make your journey that much harder. I am almost 8 years out now and if I gave into the terror and fear, I would have never made it this far. My toe was amputated because it became gangrenous from lack of blood flow. This was one of my first layers of symptoms. My entire body has this issue, but the lower body is most severe. My legs are intensely painful and walking on them is difficult not only from weakness but the muscles are so tight. It hurts to sit on my legs and that pain never stops – same thing with my feet. Hurts to walk on them and they, like my legs, become bruised (for lack of a better word) when pressure is applied. My legs/feet/toes have been like that for years too and it just finally came to a head and I couldn’t escape it any longer.


I get the numbness of my limbs daily too. Sometimes an entire side goes numb and limp, sometimes it’s just one arm or leg. Sometimes I lose my ability to move my foot/wiggle toes for weeks or months at a time. I do not know why. The best advice I can give is not to give in to the dark thoughts. Hold your head high and live the life you have – even if it’s been forever changed. It is still your life. You cannot allow any more of it to be stolen and you absolutely cannot afford to spend energy on thoughts or emotions that do not serve you. You are infinitely stronger than you’ve been led to believe. Stand tall, have courage. And most of all, love a lot. Our time on this earth is short, do not waste another second on fear.


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  2. Tina says:


    Thank you so mich for the time and inspiring words. As a mother of 4 children that we are homeschooling pain is difficult. I do have meds that help w thebpain but my ultimate goal is to get off of them but to find something that works that will take care of my pain. How long did you have to take all this before you saw a result? Which Wellness Pharmacy?


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