Last night while on Facebook, I had met a woman who was trying to support the love of her life, Jeff,  through a severe reaction to Levaquin. He is now bedridden as I was, and seeing his picture somehow brought back a lot of the pain and fear that live in shadows of memories from my nightmare.

See the thing is, I didn’t have help. For those first 18 mos or so where I was bedridden, I had no idea what was happening to me. I didn’t have a Doctor of any type who believed me, and my mind was so horribly affected that I couldn’t explain what was happening to me. To anyone – I was too confused. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t use my mind to help myself. And worse still, I lost my ability to even produce a voice. So there was a time I was completely trapped, I was unable to move, think or speak. It was like being in a coma while awake. I remember the terror and I will never, ever forget the pain.

But I was a new Father, I could not fail my Son. Every day I tried to stand. There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t fight to walk. Even if all I could do was move my wrist or shoulder. Didn’t matter, I fought back. All I wanted to do was make it to the other side of the house where he was. I could hear him playing all day. But most days, I couldn’t move my limbs. Only my wrists. But I fought. And you will too.

The point is to pay no mind to how much it hurts or what you can’t do. Fight back. I would fall, I would often black out. But I didn’t care. I fought from a place inside I never knew existed. You’re alive today. You can kiss your kids, you can smell the air and you can hear the wind. I know it sounds crazy, but that is where life is. Live in those moments you do get. No matter how brief. Those will be the memories that will carry you through your darkest times.

My mental abilities are continuing to slowly improve, I can finally start to share my story. I’d like to hear from you as well. Please feel free to use the Contact Me page at the top and certainly please feel free to leave comments. It’d be nice for me to know I’ve reached those who needed it.

Expect to see many more posts and videos. But until then, I leave you with Hope.

5 thoughts on “Hope.

  1. Samantha says:

    Michael, I am so glad you created this blog and that you and Nikki are sharing your story. I have posted it on Facebook, and have seen people discussing it and sharing it with each other- medical nurses included, and my hope is that more people will become aware of these dangers and avert the use of these drugs. You are truly an inspiration to me with your love and dedication. I've said it before, but please, really, let me know if there is anything I can do- including helping to find clean foods for you. Sending love and hope to you, and keeping you in my thoughts…


  2. Evan Pierri says:


    Thank you so much for this. HOPE is exactly what I needed today.

    I'm not sure to what extent that I've been Floxed yet. I've only experienced the START to what could come. The scariest part has been the Brain Fog.

    Trying to stay positive about all this and keep moving for now, also trying to educate my parents so they understand what they could be dealing with.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope is magic hang onto it. im so sorry to hear of this tragedy. you have always been a fighter. your in my prayerss and thoughts my sweet Mikey,! love and hugs trish


  4. Donna Schutz says:

    Michael i have only just now seen this blog. its now been 17.5 mths since Jeff took levaquin. and because of you and the video you sent me to share with Jeff , He has been fighting and keeping possitive from that day . May god Bless you Michael . you help so many. Love and Hugs to you xx


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