Saline is my friend. Lactic Acid is not.

After the Saline and Glutathione combination I notice an improvement with the tightness and some of the related pain. Today I feel an unusual amount of improved clarity of thought. Clearer in thought enough to write and post. Generally I begin to hit the wall by 4PM at the latest. Which also means that thought becomes much cloudier and tasks like posting this would be something I would not be able to do.  I do however feel that the recently increased dosage of NAC to 2400mg has a lot to do with this as does my recent additions of far better probiotics and digestive enzymes as well.

While I noticed improvements, I am still in fairly intense pain. About a 6.5 overall at the moment (6:54PM).  My entire body is in pain, legs are by far the worst for pain. My knee and hip joints are also intensely painful and feel loose.


I wrote the above yesterday, but my mind continued to soften (I was starting to hit the wall) and soon I was unable to see well enough to read nor be able to continue communicating my thoughts effectively. Make no mistake about it, the physical damage is devastating. But even with all of the things Levaquin has done to my body, it’s the effects on the brain that really make this nearly impossible to live with.

Back to the subject.

About 1.5 yrs ago I decided I wanted to try to add a Saline drip to my IV routine. My reasoning was that I was certain that certain types of the pain I’m experiencing is being caused by an abundance of Lactic Acid build up. When I try to move my body quickly, like tickling my Son for instance, an intense burning sensation washes over my entire body. Face, arms, legs, chest, back, etc. It stands to reason that I am producing an abundance of Lactic Acid/Lactate which causes the predicable pain I experience.

I used to work out often and am no stranger to Lactic Acid. I know that two of the best things I can do for Lactic Acid and it’s pain is movement and fluids. After workouts, the more you move the less sore you are, right? Well since I cannot move all that much anymore, fluids would be my only weapon.

I asked my primary care Dr for a script for NSS at 500ML. He looked at me like I had nine heads, but eventually agreed. Since then, I’ve been able to try a drip under different circumstances and different types of pain, on the spot since I have the supplies at home and am insane enough to give myself an IV even though my hands shake and I often do not see very well.

As I mentioned in the video, it does help. It doesn’t take away a lot of the pain(s), but none-the-less it takes away more than enough to notice and be grateful. And again, small wins are still wins.

With luck, I’ll be able to post more soon.






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