Glutathione Part Deux: How to self administer a Glutathione IV if alone

How to prepare and self administer a Glutathione IV alone, without help:

Over this last week I’ve been able to finally log onto and use my Facebook account that Nikki made a year or two ago. It was only 6 mos ago when I last tried to learn it, but it was far too much for my eyes to process and I couldn’t understand what I was seeing. Did log on, got through that part. But I couldn’t understand the screen. I did see a box to type in, so I did and I just hoped that went somewhere that it was seen. So I’m happy to report that’s a fairly big improvement for me. I’ll write more on this later, it’s a big deal to me to be able to finally start communicating again.

The point of this post is to answer a question I’ve been asked too many times in this last week. Which is “What if I don’t have anyone to help me do this?” , referring to the video I made on self administering Glutathione. Or, “I’m too scared to do this”, etc… If you’ve been where I have, you’re far past a place where fear plays any role. So you are not too scared, you’re so much stronger than you think.

Well you’re in luck. In 2010 when I first started to do my own IV’s, I made a couple of videos.

For those first few years, especially when was unable to speak, I had this dream I held onto which was that someday I would heal enough to find people suffering like me. And that when I did, I would be able to help. Then in early 2010 I had my first dose of Glutathione. Within minutes I was substantially more clear minded, I could stand and walk with comparative ease and I could speak clearly. I was still trapped inside my own mind, unable to effectively communicate and still so so confused. But I couldn’t wait to tell those who suffered like I did all about it.

After some quality control issues with the supply my local Dr had (I urinated a LOT of blood after each Glutathione treatment), I didn’t understand how to find other help. Again, my brain was so useless then. Since I couldn’t understand the outside world enough to find help, I decided I would have to do it myself. So I set out to find the Doctor who pioneered the use of this miracle substance to learn about it. And I did.

I’m sure the rest of you floxies will understand this part too; I had too much shame about being sick that I couldn’t bring myself to ask for help. I also refused to let Big Pharma’s killing machine to take away from her or my Son anymore than they already had.  I didn’t want Nikki to have to see this, she deserved better I thought.  She did help those first few times. But I really needed it everyday, and I was so ashamed of what had become of me that on most days I wouldn’t ask. And I’d go without, even though it made me so much worse without. I knew that had to change. My family needs me to get better.

So I found this Dremel Desktop Vice on amazon which I thought just *might* work as an extra hand. When it came I was so excited because I was going to make a video that perhaps someday I’d be well enough to share with those like me.

The last video is a little longer, but please watch. Yes, I’m showing you how to do it. But most important, it’s the first time I had recorded my thoughts and words for those like me. Through these I am talking directly to those floxies who are just like me. And I would very much like to share them with you now.

This is the very first time I tried this, but I wanted to record my first time so y’all knew what to expect. I’m glad to finally share these.

This is also the first blog post where I simply write and post. So I hope it makes sense. Usually a post takes me at least a month to write since I can’t always find the words I want to use. Same thing with speech.

Last, I’ve opened comments up to all since it sounds like some were trying to contact me but couldn’t. So feel free to post any comments or questions.

This is in 3 parts.

This first video is showing and explaining the proper preparation process for the Glutathone IV.

This second video is the set-up process and final preparation before injection.

Last, this third video is the actual process from start to finish without any help. During the IV I share my thoughts with you on things I hope you’ll find helpful. So please watch.

3 thoughts on “Glutathione Part Deux: How to self administer a Glutathione IV if alone

  1. Michael Kaferly says:

    No, never heard of that. Interesting. If you notice in my newer video you'll see I finally found an adjustable tourniquet that's much easier to use when alone. I was actually kinda shocked that this setup worked.


  2. what is body ph says:

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