Shame and my Truth

This picture hits me hard. I think of myself as Superman – I feel 10ft tall and bullet-proof when I walk upright now, or when I do my own IVs… or when I read a few pages of a book to my Son. Seeing myself like this hurts. Its hard to look at this and feel strong. I have been filled with so much shame as a Man over what’s happened.

In May, I was in Washington DC to speak about what happened to me. There was about 50 of us. When I or any of the others showed this picture to the Senators, the reaction was something I didn’t expect. They saw what this drug has done to my body and they were heavily affected by this picture. I guess I either haven’t yet faced it, or perhaps its just that I’ve spent so many years noe convincing myself I’m unbreakable. While that’s served m ell, I also need to face the truth. MY truth.

I am sharing this here for several reasons. None the least of which is that I must stand in my truth. Levaquin has nearly destroyed me and unless I/we have the courage to share our stories, this will never stop.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have been poisoned by these drugs too. This is almost 6 years after my poisoning began. I have fought so hard and lived through unphathomable torture and it shows.

It is my hope that you see this and instead of sad you get inspired. This does NOT have to be a death sentence, and together we’ll get through this.

I have much more to share. I still don’t have internet access so some of the videos and writings will have to wait. But until then I can and will be sharing quite a bit. Check back soon.

Also, I have offered this picture up to the floxies on facebook to use and I extend the same offer to you. Its been used to get Dr’s to take us seriously and from what I’ve heard, its been very useful for others in getting Dr’s attention. If you feel showing this at your next appointment will help get attention, you too are welcome to use it. Leave it as is with my name on it is all I ask.

Fight on my friends.

One thought on “Shame and my Truth

  1. Anonymous says:

    Michael, I relate to how you feel about how these FDA poisons damage our bodies so deeply. I trust that the courage it has taken us to survive it is the same courage that will get us to heal ourselves and others. With deep appreciation. Your sister in fight,


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