Recorded scrap of paper – 19 February 2014

Garage Sessions…


I need a page separator (I call it) between parts of a task to get through it. For example, this morning, I was making breakfast for myself, because I can do that most mornings now, and I’ve gotten in the routine which really helps. So I can make eggs in the pan and then I reheat some sausage. So today what I had to do – and I do this frequently and it’s with every meal or other similar tasks – um, so I would heat up the pan a little bit. But I would do it slowly, and that’s one part of my task. And then I’d go out in the garage and sit in a chair for a minute or two. And then I’d go back inside and by that time it’d be pretty close and I could put the eggs on. And then… so on and so forth. Like last night, I was able to get through making myself a frozen pizza. And like I do always, I set the oven to preheat. And that was one part of the task. Then I had to go into the Garage, the garage is my space. It’s my quiet space. So I go sit for a couple minutes and I listened to the XM radio a little bit last night. Then I’d go back in and put the pizza in, and then I’d be able to set a timer on my phone. And then go sit down in the space again and be quiet. Or if I’m going to switch tasks, um, I think… I forgot, uh, I was going to do something but uh, at any rate I always need a page separator. Hopefully I’ll talk more about this, I’m tired.

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