It’s not the size of the dog in the fight…

I feel like I’ve been locked in a mental prison for so many years. When I have words, I’ve enjoyed posting my thoughts. Usually its filled with things I’ve thought about deep inside for years now. And usually I’m talking to myself. Reminding myself of what I went thru and/or the strength its taken. It makes me feel good inside to put out words that make sense, but also it serves as a reminder when I feel I’m ready to give up. I re-read my words and it forces me to find the strength to make it on more day. It is my hope that posts like this reach your inner fight too.

Facebook Post – 12 August 2014

Its not the size of the dog in the fight…

I am quickly approaching my 6th year anniversary of being poisoned and metabolically destroyed. Lately, I have been on a another downward cycle, my body has clearly suffered a heavy toll thru this fight. When I hit the wall and lower my baseline, each time it takes me longer and longer to get back to where I was before hit he wall. Usually I don’t mae it back to that baseline and from that point forward, the degredation is (so far) permanent.


While my baseline can vary from day to day, or even throughout the day. But generally my mind is slow to process, the world is still too fast. I get lost quickly in a 2-way conversation and still cannot reliably care for my own needs. My vision is doubled and blurry on GOOD days, most days my eyes just hurt. There is a disconnect between what my eyes see and what my brain processes. Its fairly disorienting. Feels similar to closing your eyes and moving around, and/or closing your eyes and talking. But with images. Very strange feeling to describe.

My body is in tremendous pain, multiple types.  I can only describe the pain(s) as being in layers. Each layer distinctly different, covering my entire body in indescribable pain including all joints, all tissue, even my face and eyes hurt. My entire body fatigues quickly – nothing like being ‘tired’. My body becomes very heavy and many of my supporting muscle groups are weak, shaky and some simply fail. Once that happens and I hit the wall, I need the world to stop completely. I become unable to communicate what’s happening or communicate my needs effectively. I barely make it thru an uneventful day most of the time.

BUT I HAVE MADE IT THRU 2,120 DAYS SO FAR. It’s like Groundhog day in reverse, everyday somehow harder than the last. But I got up and I have faced it head-on, everyday.

I wake up to this reality everyday. Then, I must also fight to get medical help – which has been almost non-existant, fight to handle whatever business the world forces me to deal with. Fight to find money for Medical care, treatments, co-pays, supplements, organic foods, electricity, water, phone, etc. I am at a substantial mental disadvantage but I still try. Every day.

My babbling until this point hardly describes what I go thru everyday and the logistical roadblocks caused by my condition. But I’m trying to share what I can to make a point here.

I know many of you feel as if you can’t go on even one more day. But I also know I’m among the hardest hit by these drugs. And if I can make it thru each day, you can too.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy. And there have been many days where I would want to just give up. But I can’t. As it turns out, that isn’t my style. And it dosnt have to be yours either.

Early on I would think about the many times I thought I couldn’t possibly live until morning. Many times I thought for certain I had come to the end of my life. But, clearly the end hasn’t yet come. And the more I thought about the times I’ve lived thru impossible odds, the more I realized ‘this too shall pass’. This morning felt impossible to me, but I knew the antidote… I thought of some of the times where I was convinced my time had come – convinced I couldn’t take another step. But yet, time and time again, I found the fight. Realizing my strength helps me get through times I deem ‘impossible’.

I now know there is no such thing. I know that the only thing that will cause me to fail is… wait for it…


I realize this is long and I’m not able to make this neat, tidy and sensible. But it is my hope that through my experiences you will find hope and that you will find the light. It breaks my heart to get so many messages filled with despair and fear. I promise I am always here for you, but really. If I can make it, you can and you will.

Are you going to live or die today??

EVERY MORNING I make a choice. Every morning, I choose to live. I expect you to do the same. Know that when it gets hard, I am here. But it is YOU that first must decide.

It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight…

Its the size of the FIGHT IN THE DOG.

Decide. Right now, decide to fight.

Your Brother in fight,


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