Conversations with My Son: Love…


“If we didn’t have Love in this World, would it (the world) still exist?”

“Wow, good question Buddy…”

Aedan saw a picture of he and I that I posted on FB to help drive home a point to a dear friend in desperate need. What an amazing and eerily timely question.

“C’mere Boy. Let me share something with you that might answer your question…”

He sat on the “best seat in the house” – my lap for those who don’t know. I took a moment and I answered:

“Love is the “Why” of life. Love is something so amazing that I don’t know that it could ever be truly explained. It gives you the power you do things that you’re sure you cannot, and Love is what picks you up when you have fallen and cannot stand on your own.”

“What does the picture say dada?”

My Why

“It says ‘He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW 

“What does that mean Dada?”

“You know about that ‘stupid pill’ and how Daddy gets weak right? You’ve asked how I can get through the sadness because of all I cannot do. You’ve asked how come I don’t cry and you’ve asked how I have so much hope…”

I continued:

“What this means Mijo, is that no matter how hard, painful or even impossible some things in your life may seem – that’s the ‘how‘ part – If you have a ‘why‘, and my love for you is my ‘why‘, then I don’t care what each day brings for me to fight. I have you, and the power of my love for you is soooo much greater than even the ugliest of Evil forces.”

He took a second to pause and reflect. He said:

“I love you Dada… you get 6 points for that”

6 Points?!? I’ve never got more than 2 points for anything I’ve tried to explain, he must hav really gotten the message. (See “Shame and the Make Sense game” )

“So what your saying Dad is that so long as you have love in your heart, you can do anything?”

“Precisely” I said. “So to answer your question, no. The world as we know it could not exist without Love. Love for your family, fellow man, love for the critters, leaves, the sky and Sun…”

I finished by saying

“Remember this forever, never let the ugly thoughts, your pain or your fear cause you to lose the tight grip you keep on the love you still have. Then you too can bear any ‘how‘ “

Once you lose that grip, it’s all over. There exists nothing.

I don’t think this made sense. I am wiped, shaky and weak right now. I don’t understand the world at the moment, but I do understand the moment I’ve just shared and I hope you can too.

I love you all, I must rest.

Your Brother in Fight,

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