Recorded scrap of paper – 25 October 2013 – 8:20PM

25 October 2013 – 8:20PM

Although I’ve been doing better recently, a lot of times I have a hard time talking a long time. At least later in the day, like it is now. It’s 8:30 or something.  And uh, things are always much worse starting in the afternoon. Goes downhill, always.  But, I have a hard time getting through the mental state to know to pick up or find this recorder. A lot of times when I do I get mentally lost. Like now, my breathing is just shallow. So I – I need to take a break and stuff. A lot of times I’m silent. Um, but it’s hard getting my thoughts out – even when I feel I have some I can get out. If I don’t have someone – like a scribe chasing me around listening to me babble – which would sound absolutely bat-shit crazy. Um, I can’t always get my thoughts out because they’re always so random and scattered. I started this recording with something specific I wanted to say, and, having a very hard time getting back to it.

And uh,… anyway… Thoughts into actions – or the thoughts out somehow. By the time… if I’m able to get to the computer to start up the video…  like I need to be in front of a piece of media, uh, recording media, when these thoughts come. And it somehow just needs to be out. Um… because I don’t have the physical stamina often, at times like this,  when I get the thoughts but I um, my body’s having worse issues as is my mind. My um, my ‘ability to get things out’ mind. So I lose my train of thought to be able to write often, and if I try to type it my fingers start having a hard time, my arms start having a hard time,  my eyes start having a hard time so that’s another big problem. My eyes get so tired, they just fatigue so fast. Still orders of magnitude better than it’s worst point. But… but all these different issues that I have come together because they all happen at the same time to make things – not impossible – but um, uh… not successful. It doesn’t happen or amount to anything that becomes of any effect on my situation. Nothing comes of it. I either lose the scattered pieces of paper – because I’ve done this for all these years. Not as much recently, the last year or two, uh, I – I didn’t give up of course. I never give up. Clearly, I don’t give up.

But uh… See and the more I talk too in this, I try to get thoughts out but I’m distracted by my heart. Right now. I’m distracted by the pains running down my legs. The different types of pains in my legs and  running down my legs. The tightness in my chest. I’m distracted by my eyeballs that hurt so bad. Distracted by my face that tingles, by my lips that hurt. Well, my lips don’t hurt that bad, I just feel my lips. And so then I lose my place. Everything becomes very frustrating. I absolutely don’t quit because of frustration. You know, I’m able to handle frustration, but it’s there.  Frustration – it’s not that it never exists.  Unless we can get to a place that that happens, I would love that. But, I think its your ability to quench that fire as fast as possible – and that I’ve… I don’t think I will ever ‘Master’ something, but, I do think I’ve done an amazing job.

Wow… my limbs are so heavy. You know, and I, this is normal. I uh, I just live with this. This is better than it’s been. Far better.  Thankfully I’ve remembered the Amino Acids and the ProDHA about 6-8 weeks ago. Since then things have been better, still doesn’t amount effectively too much. But.. but you’re grateful for your small wins. Effectively it’s a small win but to me, it’s an order of magnitude of functionality in the sense that I’ve been able to… able to talk to my son more coherently when he wants to ask Daddy a question. Or be able to respond in a way that isn’t confusing … or scary to a child. Um, we’ve had to tell him that I have a ‘loading’ screen. You know, like a ‘Now Loading…’ screen like you see on a video game or a computer or something. And when I pause, it’s because I’m trying to process what he’s asking. Because I have a very hard time switching, uh, from… uh, transitioning from thought to thought or from streams of thought to streams of thought, um, that I don’t try to control. Meaning if someone asks me a question, that’s a change that I didn’t make. And that becomes a problem for me to overcome. So when my Son asks me a question, a lot of times I have to pause – well more than a lot of times, almost always. Except the last… there’s been twice I think, that stand out to me as being very well recently. I’m very grateful for that.

Uh, we’ve had to tell him certain things now more so he doesn’t get hurt emotionally somehow by him trying to read Daddy’s reaction. Because my reactions aren’t’ always consistent. Because I’m in a very dynamic situation with my physical body and my mental abilities and state. And so I can’t always respond as playful, or as quickly, or as… um… I might not be able to look as happy consistently – although still happy- he can tell the difference. He’s a very intuitive little man. Little boy. Um…

I have to take a break.

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