Recorded scrap of paper – 19 March 2014

The light really tires my eyes out. Nikki and I just got back. We went and picked up the boy from school. Right before we did that, we took a drive for about 45 mins or an hour. Up Canyon or one of those roads into the foothills. You know, just to see nice scenery for a change and not stay home.  But uh, I mean I generally can’t do that for very long.  And now I… I can tell my eyes are just tired. They feel puffy and numb and like they don’t want to focus.  Or that they’re slow in focusing. And uh, light really bothers me. I really have to stay in a house that’s pretty dark. Blinds are drawn, and uh, it’s been a long-standing problem.  That sensitivity to light, but… it seems like about an hour and a half or so is the most I can be outside. And that’s wearing a shading hat and glasses – really good polarized glasses, and being in a car. So it’s not like I’m outside in direct sunlight even. It’s just being outside in an area that’s brighter than our house. You know. It’s a big problem for me.

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